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      The Challenges of the Future Have Already Been Met....

      HPI Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures several lines of proprietary products and also provides state-of-the-art contract manufacturing services for a broad range of industries and products. Our capabilities include traditional and CNC machining, injection molding, precision assembly, packaging and distribution. Our entire manufacturing process is backed up with extensive in-house engineering services and is integrated with state-of-the-art manufacturing software.

         Industrial Products
            -Widder Power Hacksaws
            -Portable Band Saws
            -Widder Power Drives
            -Tri Stand Chain Vises
            -Widder Demolition Saw
            -Cat-5 Jet Fan
            -Saf-T-AIR Blow Gun Line
            -Air Lubricator & Whip Hose
            -Clamps and Guides
         Motion Control
            -Torque Limiters
            -One Way Clutches
            -Custom Designed Units
         Contract Manufacturing
            -CNC Machining
            -Injection Molding
            -Assembly & Secondaries
            -Engineering & Support

            -Refinery Turnaround Tools       -Industrial Pneumatic Tools       -Industrial Steel Pipe Cutting

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        Industrial Products

      HPI offers industrial tools for the toughest applications. Our line includes the Widder Portable Hacksaw, Band saw, and Power Threader. These are available in pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric models. We also offer the Saf-T-Air blow gun line, as well as, the new CAT 5 pneumatic blower. Our specialty tools include custom designed clamp and cut systems, as well as specialty underwater machining tools.

        Motion Control
             Miniclutch Products
                 Torque Limiters
                 One Way Clutches
                 Custom Designed Units

      The HPI Miniclutch line offers the best in motion and torque control available. From miniature clutches to heavy duty friction-detent combination units, HPI handlesshaft sizes as small as .032” to 2” and torque from fractionalin/ozs to 400 ft/lbs.
      HPI offers complete custom designed clutches and combination drive units for use in any environment. All products are offered in DFARS and RHOS compliant materials.

        Contract Manufacturing
             CNC Machining
             Injection Molding
             Assembly & Secondaries
             Engineering & Support

      Expand Your Resources By Using Ours.

      An ITAR certified supplier, HPI offers complete contract management services. Our Dock-to-Stock, Kanban, and Blanket Purchase programs are custom tailored to the Lean process and inventory reduction programs. HPI offers integrated product including secondary and finishing operations that comply with all DFARS and RHOS requirements.

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